Depreciate The Liar

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Davide Puddu - Vocals

Martin Gschnitzer - Guitar

Aaron Baldauf - Bass

Matthias Erlacher - Guitar

Alexander Baldassarre - Drums

The band DEPRECIATE THE LIAR was founded in 2011 by Davide Puddu (vocals), Martin Gschnitzer (guitar), Matthias Erlacher (guitar), Aaron Baldauf (bass) and Alexander Baldassarre (drums). Already at the beginning it was clear, that the band should breathe new life into the local metalscene. Therefore the members of the band decided for the style “death core” and immediately they started writing songs. When they played the first concerts they realized that a lot of people were confused to hear something different than metal, hardcore. So the band determined to produce the EP “Broken Structure”, which was available for everybody and free to download. In 2012 the band was signed on by “Noisehead Records”. In march 2014 the long desired first album „Dethrone Humanity“, recorded in cooperation with producer Mario Jezik, was released.

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